Give your all, achieve a lot

Prospects at GLS

New technologies, new shopping worlds, new delivery preferences: the possibilities of parcel logistics are growing along with demands – for you ,too. We put our faith in the best to deal with future challenges.

We support our employees, whether it is with induction programmes, feedback discussions or further training. In doing so, GLS pays attention to your personal training requirements. That way, we can deliver top performance together.

Challenging tasks and lots of opportunities to get involved with friendly teams in an innovative and independent way await you. Particularly committed employees can quickly take on project responsibility.

Get started with perspective

Induction at GLS

We give you comprehensive preparation to get started at GLS. First comes onboarding: you get to know the company and its employees. Thanks to our comprehensive induction programme, you have a good general overview of your new place of work.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Refresher courses at GLS

Always up to date: for some areas, we offer target refresher programmes. These allow you to update your existing specialist knowledge and build up new specialist and general know-how. A comprehensive range of training courses taking place regularly allows you to develop and educate yourself.

Piece by piece

Strengthen your personal development

In modular seminar courses, we pass on well-founded basics and specific specialist knowledge. The aim: to allow our employees to develop personally and give them the right tools for their daily work. That way you are ideally equipped – for your current tasks and future career.