A bright outlook

Prospects for your career

More and more parcels are in transit. Delivery to suit customer wishes, same-day delivery, etc. – as a parcel service provider we meet new demands. State-of-the-art digital technology is used. Processes are precisely arranged, goods streams are planned, coordinated and monitored internationally.

Smart heads and dynamic people who do their bit have the best career opportunities in this environment. We support our apprentices and people undertaking dual studies individually so that their full potential is fulfilled. So that you can grow together with us.

Just the beginning

Internships at GLS

With us, interns gain an initial insight into the world of parcel logistics. Motivated interns who perform well can continue with us: an apprenticeship or dual studies with great career prospects and opportunities for development await you.

An internship at GLS

The perfect base

Apprenticeships in parcel logistics

We support our apprentices: with numerous opportunities for further training that are specially tailored to the area of activity and apprenticeship. Presentation training courses, seminars on self- and time management, telephone training or training in office programs are all part of the development programmes for our best talents.

Still not learned enough? With a good final grade you can add on dual studies.

An apprenticeship at GLS

The specialists and managers of tomorrow

Dual studies at GLS

With our trainee programme we prepare people doing dual studies for specialist and management positions. Alongside studies we offer training – such as corporate strategic planning simulations, presentation training courses, learning and working techniques and specialist and management seminars. Perfectly tailored to the corresponding course of studies and the individual requirements of the student.

Dual studies at GLS