An apprenticeship at GLS – a decision with prospects

Information for parents and teachers

Do you have a child looking for a future with prospects or pupils in need of orientation? For young people, choosing the right apprenticeship is an important and difficult decision. There are many possibilities and there are numerous questions to be answered.

As a parent or teacher, you make an essential contribution to choosing a career with your tips and information. We would like to support you in doing so and inform you about the apprenticeships and dual studies courses at GLS.

The right apprenticeship for your child

Tips and information for parents

It is almost time to graduate from school? What now? For kids, choosing their apprenticeship is an exciting time. But parents can also support their children in the selection of their future career and apprenticeship position.

Support your child in their career choice

Talk to your child about their desired careers, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Inform yourselves together about the different apprenticeship opportunities at GLS, for example through our website. Visit us at information events and trade fairs, where our apprenticeship managers will have the answers to your questions.

Experience the company:
Encourage your child to spend a day at GLS. At Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day, young people can become familiar with the careers at GLS.

We offer short internships for pupils. That way, all those involved can quickly find out if one of the apprenticeship careers in parcel logistics is the right choice.

Help with applications

Putting together application documents is not easy, especially the first time you do it. Offer your child some help – in writing the letter of application, structuring their CV and organising their references and documents.

You can also help with preparation for aptitude tests and interviews. Role-play the situations at home so your child learns how to deal with this unfamiliar challenge.

More information about the application

Hiring after the apprenticeship

Fundamentally, we train for our company, because we are successful and on course for growth. That means that with good performance and motivation, hiring once the apprenticeship finishes is very likely.

Prospects at GLS

Extras for apprentices

Along with the attentive apprenticeship in a crisis- and future-proof sector, there are numerous extras for apprentices at GLS:

  • Christmas bonus and holiday pay (on a voluntary basis)
  • Covering costs for books
  • Contribution to vocational training school travel costs – depending on region and distance from school
  • Performance incentives and apprentice trip
  • Kick-off events and training courses
  • ADAC driving safety training
  • Introduction to other locations in the region
  • Bonuses for good to very good final results

The extras may vary depending on the location.

Career orientation for your pupils

Support and informative material for teachers

Learning for life: do you want to give your pupils information about apprenticeship careers in parcel logistics? We can present our exciting areas of activity in the classroom or at careers information days at your school.

Events in schools

A careers information day or applications workshop: GLS is happy to present itself at your school and introduce apprenticeship careers and dual studies courses. Get in touch with us.

Do you need informative material? No problem. Just get in touch with your contact partner Michele Battenberg.

Events for schools at GLS

On request, we offer a careers orientation day for schools at our head office in Neuenstein, East Hesse, or at our locations in Germany. On the day, we present our company and its operations to pupils. Your contact partner Michele Battenberg will be happy to assist you.