Parcel logistics, here I come

Application, interview, start – it can be that quick.
The path to GLS begins on the career portal. There, you will find all the current internships, apprenticeships and dual studies courses. Do your profile and interests fit a position? Then send us your application documents.

If we are impressed, we will invite you in for an interview to get to know you better. If the interview goes well, we look forward to welcoming you to the GLS family.

Application tips and information for pupils

The application process

Use the GLS career portal to make your application, for example your application for an internship in logistics. On the career portal you will also find current apprenticeships and study places. Simply find the right opportunity, enter your personal data, upload your CV, letter of motivation, etc. and click submit … done!

You will be sent a confirmation email when we receive your application.

Your application documents

We would like to get to know you. Your application documents are the first impression of you we receive, so prepare them well.

How to impress us:

  • Tell us about your goals in your letter of motivation. What drives you? What do you want to achieve? And why do you want to start your career at GLS in particular?
  • A CV with no gaps
  • Good school grades, particularly in the core subjects
  • Have you already completed internships or gained experience abroad? Very good. Don’t forget to include references and evaluations.

The selection process

All application documents arrive at our headquarters in Neuenstein and are viewed by our human resources department. Thereafter, your application is passed on to those responsible for apprenticeships at the relevant locations. They get in touch with suitable applicants and discuss the rest of the process. Depending on the region and apprenticeship on offer, this involves an invitation for an interview, aptitude test, getting-to-know-you day or an assessment centre.

Getting-to-know-you day and aptitude test

To get an even better picture of your qualities, we invite applicants for certain apprenticeship placements to getting-to-know-you days and aptitude tests with a subsequent interview. You get to know GLS and the tasks involved in the depot. And we get to know you.

We hold an aptitude test for certain apprenticeship careers. These include the apprenticeship as a businessperson for dispatch and logistics services. It involves answering questions on various subject areas, such as general knowledge, geography and mathematics. Logical reasoning and good spelling are also important.

The assessment centre

We invite suitable applicants for our dual studies courses to an assessment centre. You can impress us there with your strengths, demeanour and commitment.

Do you want to prepare yourself for our assessment centre? Excellent. These are skills that we value especially highly:

  • Very good ability to present
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Customer orientation

One more tip: Learn about parcel logistics in advance – and about GLS, of course. What is happening in the industry? What are the current trends?